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Keyword Search Tips

*Keyword Search will give results for all three categories - Archives, Library & Photo.

*To search in a specific category use the tab on the left side of the page.

*To browse the currently scanned images in the photo collection select the Random Images tab. Click the thumbnail for a larger version of the image. (Copies, paper or digital, are available for a nominal charge. See the Library User Policy below for more information. Using these images without permission may be an infringement of copyright laws.)

*Use quotes to search for a specific name or phrase (e.g. "Thomas Worthington", "Huntington Township").

*Also try searching with surname first (e.g."Worthington, Thomas").

*In cases where a person could be identified by multiple names, it is best to search by surname only (e.g. Robert Smith, Bob Smith, Bobby Smith)

*By default, keyword searches use OR as connector between words (e.g. a search using no quotes for Thomas Worthington will give you all results that contain the words Thomas and Worthington, and Huntington Township will give you all results for Huntington and Township.

*If you do not use quotes, type AND between keywords to find records containing both terms (e.g. Thomas AND Worthington, Huntington AND Township).

*Searches are not case sensitive.